Web Based / Online ERP

Web Based ERP software solutions
 from Wiki Parts are totally customized and cover everything needed to run an organization irrespective of size of a company. It offers virtually all process starting from a gate entry to finally delivering the product to clients. Web based ERP or Browser based ERP solution is best known to be less expensive, easier to implement, and easier to maintain including low up-front cost. The solution provides real-time information about finance, order management, purchase, inventory, employee management, e-commerce and much more. It is all about the use of a browser to access a software application over the Internet to perform work any time from any where in the world. 

Our solution that addresses the key requirement of an organization such as

  •  Simplicity in Implementation and Maintenance.
  •  Low Total Cost of Ownership.
  •  Meeting current business process requirements.
  •  Having scope for improvement in processes in future.
  •  Smooth upward integration for growth.

Solution and benefits 

Wiki Parts Ltd. will deliver a solution that is built from the ground up to address the needs of companies like Reona Wines who are looking for an easy-to-use, affordable, yet powerful business application. The core of our solution is MX-ERP, easy to deploy and maintain yet providing fast implementation, high performance and scalability, robust security, and the ability to evolve as your company grows and your needs change. There has never been a better time to realize the benefits of our ERP software solutions. A best-in-class solution at the right price for your growing business, it has the power to help you boost productivity, cut costs, seize opportunities, and anticipate challenges as never before. 

Increase revenue: Fast and easy access to real-time information anywhere in the system helps you identify new sales opportunities, bring new products to market quickly, and provide business-building levels of customer support and service. 

Reduce costs: Say goodbye to costly multiple upgrades and recurring customization efforts to maintain system compatibility when you add new functions. Run your business with just one business management solution. 

MX-ERP includes the following integral components: Sales, Purchasing, Distribution management and minimum Stock control. Improve customer relationships with relevant company wide data for stronger sales and support. 

Maintain your IT solution as your company grows: Why put up with solutions that you will soon outgrow? Slow software performance, outdated information, limits on data storage, and confining limits on the number of simultaneous users and locations – that will all be a thing of the past. 

Improve efficiency: One centralized data repository dramatically boosts efficiency by providing the right information to the right people and eliminating redundant data entry. 

Support multicurrency transactions: You can conduct and report business transactions in multiple currencies. 

Our ERP meets end to end requirements
The proposed solution is a comprehensive and versatile business management solution for manufacturing equipped with an easy-to-use interface and serves as the primary enterprise resource planning application.The solution provides all the administrative functions that let you customize and back up data, define currency exchange rates, configure permissions that extend its value far beyond its primary administrative function and streamline your entire business processes. 

With the help of our Online ERP software one can easily generates reports on any of their production plans on the basis of stock requirements, material availability, order position etc. It helps production managers in outstanding management of their urgent requirements and ad-hoc needs, which is quite common among the production scenarios. 

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